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Hot Water High Pressure Washer MK-QHD150
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Products description:

Product Description:

Hot Water High pressure washer,DIY Pressure Washer,Car washer,Electric pressure washer


Motor: Induction motor

Power: 300W-4000W

Max. Pressure: 150bar-230bar 

Flow: 7-9L/min 

Voltage: 220V-240V/50Hz; 100V-120V/60Hz

Country of Origin: China
Delivery time: 45 days 
MOQ:500 PCS/Model




1. Spray gun with adjustable spray nozzle 
2. 10M water outlet hose 
3. Three nozzles
4. HPC connector 
5. TSS total stop system: Extends Pump&Motor Life 


1. Inlet water hose 
2. Tap connector 
3. Built-in soap bottle 
4. Rotary brush 
5. Fix brush 
6. Turbo lance
7. Auto-Suction(2M high)
8. Extra Filter

How to use--------5 steps only

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Multiple Function:

Core part----Motor&Pump:

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