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Car Air Purifier MK-AP1305
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Product Description:

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Technical Specification :
  • Color:Injection or Printing
  • Motor:DC or AC
  • Power consumption 8Watts
  • Voltage 12V
  • Recommended Coverage 6m3
  • Net weight 1.5kg
  • Product Dimensions(mm) L*W*D 200*200*85

  • Low noise:28dB-46dB Quiet Technology
  • Save energy and pro-environment:power rating 30W.Only 1KWH 24 hours
  • Green Technology:TOSHIBA Control IC Motor operation stability

  • Sensitive induction intelligent control:Our Dust sensor control the Motor through the air quality
  • Multiply filter system ensure the air quality fresh and healthy
  • High Efficient filter capacity
  • Particles removal rate > 99.9% (0.3-10 microns)
  • Aseptic efficiency >99.9%
  • Formaldehyde removal rate >96.0%
  • Benzene removal rate >96.5%
  • TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) removal rate >94.5%


◆ Lasting guarantee

  1. Filter Replacement Indicator:
  2. When one of the filters is almost full and has to be cleaned or replaced, the corresponding filter replacement light starts to flash. Remind you to replace filter in time. 
  3. Filter replacement lock:
  4. When the filter replacement light fash, if you do not replace the filter in time, the appliance stops operating and to be locked. 
  5. It aims at ensuring the filters work in the ideal condition when the appliance is operating. 
  6. Multiple air quality sensor:
  7. Automatic measuring air quality the Sensor switches operation to Auto Mode and choose the best fan speed according to the air quality.
  8. If you are an allergy sufferers,you can change the sensitivity of our air quality sensor to purified air better. 

◆ Flexible operation

  1. Advanced air quality sensor
  2. On automatic mode,the sensor choose the best fan speed according to the air quality.You also can change the sensitivity of our air quality sensor.
  3. Automatic adjustment to low speed running mode at night
  4. On automatic mode When indoor environment become dark,it will be Night Mode automatic;
  5. when dark lasts 3 minutes,the indicate light put out and lower the fan speed ,noise and energy
  6. 4 levels of indicator lights
  7. Air quality light ring shows the air quality: blue represents the air quality is very good; green good;yellow fair; red bad
  8. 5 degrees of fan speed set
  9. You can choose fan speed when it is not Auto Mode.When the indoor air is very dirty.you can enhance power.

◆ Stereo cycle airflow 

  CADR(PM0.3) is 270m3/h.

  • If the power outlet connection is bad, then the appliance will heat up. Make sure you connected to the socket contact is good. 
  • The air purifier must be put and use at dry, stable, flat and level surface 
  • The air purifier back and both sides must set aside at least 25 centimeters of space, and the above of the air purifier must to set aside at least 35 centimeters of space.
  • Do not place any items on the air purifier top 
  • Do not put the product directly below the air conditioning in case of condensate water.
  • Make sure that all the filters have been properly installed before you open the power. 
  • Do not use hard products to knock (especially the air inlet and air outlet). 
  • Please always use the air purifier back handle to move it. 
  • Do not use fingers or other objects to insert the inlet. 
  • Do not use it when you use indoor spray or any place where there is full of flammable gas. 
  • Do not use it near gas appliance, heating device etc. 
  • Power plug should be pulled out after using and before cleaning. 
  • Do not use in large fluctuations temperature room because this may led to products internal condensation. 
  • To prevent interference, the air purifier must be placed at least 2 meters away from the air waves of electric such as TV,radio,wireless control clock. 
  • This air purifier is limited to use for household using and normal operation condition.
  • Do not use in damp environment or high temperature environment (such as bathroom, toilet or kitchen). 
  • This air purifier can't take out carbon monoxide (CO) or radon (Rn), so it can not be used as safety equipment in combustion and hazardous chemical accident.

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