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Steam cleaner MK-VSC38

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Products description:

Product Description:

Home Steam Cleaner,Portable Steam cleaner,Steam cleaners,Steam mop,Window cleaning,Carpet cleaner

Product Features:
There are nine parts to realize different use methods.
This is the most perfect product that is exported mostly with stable quality and favorable price.

Export to UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden and other European countries
Product Dimensions:270*120*220mm
Weight: 1.67KG
Heating Time: 3-4 minutes
Continuous Work Time: 8-10Minute
Rated Power: 900-1050W
Steam Pressure:3-3.5 bar
Waterproof Grade: IPX4 (approved by splashing test)
Cleaner Type: Steam

Multiple Function:

For kitchen, sofa, clothes cleaning/ironing, corners, odor, glass door and window, dead corners and gaps



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